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Motativation Sessions

These sessions help start the day with positive attitudes which help the students in their future to work in the corporate world with actively, energetically and positively. Outbound Activities These activities enhance the interpersonal skills, team communication skills and help in developing the interaction process,worldly vision, knowledge of products, market conditions, loopholes, strategy etc., in real life situations. Here students interact with different persons, so that in this exercise they get to know about the user problems, product, problem-solving etc.
Group Discussions
These things involve the students and make them aware of expressing thoughts, verbal and non-verbal communication, team coordination, various topics, domain knowledge, co-ordination, conduction and participation in GDs. Though some topics can be contradictory, they really help in igniting the mental process of all the participants. They help the students to show their analytical skill in different subjects .Judges measures the communication skill, body language, fluency, knowledge, etc.

Current Corporate Analysis (CCA)
This is a unique activity which tremendously improves the domain knowledge of the trainees and prepares them to make excellent presentations with strong content and in-depth knowledge of management concepts and other subjects. It helps knowing about various issues in the Corporate World along with its statistical data in stipulated time and it also improves domain knowledge, reading, writing and presentation skills and the knowledge of various corporate issues.

Telephonic Interviews
These things help candidates get acquainted with telephonic interviews which are common in the industry and academia. The interviewers encourage and make the students feel at ease with interviews which help them in responding the queries without hesitation.
Stress Interviews These vibrating sessions drastically move and train the individuals to face any kind of interviews in their career.

Mock Management Development Programs (MDPs)These sessions help the candidates get the knowledge of presentation skills in a simulated seminar or MDP on different topics related to the industry and academia. Entire gamut of sectors and topics such as IT, Economics, OB, HR,Marketing, Finance etc. Students can achieve excellent communication, interpersonal and public speaking skills.

Mind-Body Coordination through Yoga and MeditationThese activities distress and unwind the individuals and help lead a healthy life style. In this hectic rat race of modern life, the ancient art and science of Yoga and Meditation internally transforms the trainees to face the challenges of external world who wish to work inthe industry and academia.


Team Building, Tehri Uttaranchal

Team Building, Tehri Uttaranchal

Trainings and Experiments conducted at ASIAN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (ASBM) August 2006 onwards

ASBM is a famous management institution featured by Business India magazine, October 2006, as ‘the world class B-School in just 180 days’ in Bhubaneswar, Orissa state, eastern India, which offers 6 PG Programmes- PGPM, PGPIB, PGPRM(Pantaloon), PGPRM(ASBM), PGPBIFSM and PGPLSCM (Gati), a BBA Programme and a +2 Program in Commerce. Total intake of students is about 550.
Teaching/ training methodologyWhile handling the sessions in his core areas, Business Communication & Soft Skills, the trainer uses a unique mixture of lectures, simulations, games, cases, presentations and projects. He has conducted various experiments in Management Education such as thematic Role Plays, Live Projects and effective Presentations.
One of his papers on ‘Live Projects for B-Schools’ was accepted and selected for presentation at TESOL Arabia International Conference, Dubai, March 2007.

Power Packed Personality Grooming Module & Power Packed Placement Grooming Module (4PGM)This is a unique grooming and training module which is a compulsory credit course for all the students at ASBM. As a training Coordinator, Dr Kalyan regularly conducts many effective activities for PG students and prepares them to face the challenges of 21st Century workplace.
Training  Executives of Tehri Hydro Development Corporation  , Uttaranchal

Guest lecture ,Banglore

DR. Kalyan  in A.P Forest Acad Training
Target GroupAll the 500 odd students, and the trainer has already trained 159 students (so far in two separate phases for Personality Grooming and Summer Internship Programme (SIP), both boys and girls between the age group of 18-28 years, of PG Diploma in Business Management, International Business and Retail Management (2-year fully residential programme offered by ASBM, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India). Another 400 plus students are being trained continuously.

Duration: Trroughout the year with 3 to 10 day-workshops between 9 am to 5 pm periodically.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Soft Skills Training in India: A Transformational Voyage

Soft Skills Training in India
Trainings and Experiments in Soft Skills at ICFAI December 2004 – August 2006
Faculty Training Program
As a Domain Faculty Trainer at ICFAI NC-HQ, Faculty Development Centre, Hyderabad, India, he trained 65 Faculty Members (Soft Skills Trainers) from all over India in the Domain Subject including Methods of Teaching, Communication and Presentation skills, observed the Teaching of 80 Faculty Members, guided 55 Live Projects and Research articles written by Faculty Members and trained 160 Faculty Members in Cultural activities. As an examiner, he conducted Oral English Evaluation and Mock Interviews for 300 MBA/ MCA students and guided 78 Live Projects in different provinces in India. As a Summer Internship Program (SIP) Trainer he trained 500 plus MBA/ MCA students in Presentation Skills, Communication Skills, Grooming, Etiquette and Interview Skills across India. He gave Voice Over in English while producing Audio and Video materials for Listening Comprehension
As a Language Editor at the Academic Wing, ICFAI NC-HQ, Hyderabad, he edited 16 issues of ‘Embers’- Online News Magazine, designed and co-edited ‘SIP Flash’ - Online News Letter on national/ regional level students’/ faculty/ trainers’ achievements, designed and edited 1 online news letter on Faculty Training, edited Doon Glory, a quarterly magazine published from Dehradun, Uttaranchal, 6 articles, 55 research articles, 70 case lets, 15 case studies and 450 Question Papers written by other Domain Faculty Members, all during December 2004 to August 2006. He is currently working on Edumedia and Soft Skills training to MBA/ MCA students and faculty members across India. Apart from teaching Business Communication to Post Graduate students in Management, he is writing articles on Soft Skills and Management Education and in the process of publishing a book on Online Education in India and a workbook on Listening Comprehension. He is designing and developing Multimedia materials on Training and Management Education. He can be contacted by any organization in India and abroad for consultancy services, guest lectures, projects, training workshops/ seminars, joint ventures and publications. He is available for Webconferencing or Videoconferencing on prior intimation and appointment.
Soft Skills Curriculum Design
As a Senior Faculty, English Lab and Soft Skills, he was a member of Curriculum Development at ICFAI National College, Head Quarters, Hyderabad. INC-HQ looks after the entire academic and administrative requirements of about 159 Post Graduate Centres across India and 1 Executive PG Centre in Srilanka. ICFAI is one of the best B-Schools in India, and the only university in India which has a full-fledged curriculum in the area of Soft Skills, at PG level. This curriculum is activity-based, vibrating and it is designed in such a way that by following this Syllabus and Activities, any individual can be transformed into a Complete Manager and Leader.
Summer Internship Programme (SIP)
SIP is an important activity at ICFAI which works as an Interface between Industry and Academia. Students of MBA/ MCA have to go to other states and work for 4 months in the various Industries and gain Corporate experience before final placement. As an SIP trainer, he visited 8 PG Centres across India, and trained and evaluated 1,200 Post Graduate students in various states across India.
Mock Interviews
He has conducted face-to-face mock-interviews for about 600 students of MBA/MCA across India. On the spot evaluation and feedback is also given.
Telephonic Interviews
He has conducted nearly 320 telephonic interviews for Post Graduate students in India.ArticlesHe has published 2 articles in International and 4 national level journals and in the process of publishing more.
He designed and developed three websites: http://www.geocities.com/online_elt_learn_kalyan and www.srrshyd.tripod.com which show his professional work online including his participation and association with ELT professionals in different countries, projects and articles titled ‘Using IT in ELT:A Multimedia Approach to Develop Spelling, Vocabulary and Punctuation’ and ‘Using E-mail for Interactive Writing in English: Some Practical Situations Online’ which can be viewed on the Net. He has also designed and produced an Educational Multimedia CD to improve Listening Comprehension and skills for Indian students which is useful for the aspirants of TOEFL, IELTS, GRE and TOIC tests which are the gate ways to foreign studies and jobs.

Training Women Executives
Training Women Exectives